4 ways to revitalise your spring routine

In Chinese Medicine, each season has its own set of natural attributes, each of which uniquely affect the way our bodies respond to their surrounding environments. The change from winter, a time of hibernation and reflection, to the regeneration and new life brought about by spring, makes it the perfect time to focus on re-energising your overall health and well-being.

Spring is associated with the element of wood, which corresponds to the liver and the gallbladder, making them the two organs that are normally focused on for springtime cleansing and health regimes. 

The liver 
is responsible for the smooth flow of qi and blood around the body. It is easily affected by deep rooted emotions and holds a strong link to the negative emotion of anger. In spring your liver is more susceptible to falling out of balance, a state known as liver Qi stagnation, so when the wood element is not in harmony feelings of irritability, anger and stress can be brought about.

We’ve compiled a list of tips to ensure your spring routine keeps your liver running smoothly, creating a physical sense of harmony and promoting creativity, flexibility and resilience for a fresh start to the new season. 

1. Enjoy sour foods
Stimulate the liver’s qi by enjoying naturally sour food and drink. Eating foods such as sourdough rye bread, vinegar-based salad dressings or sauerkraut can optimise the functions of the liver and gallbladder. Try replacing your morning coffee with sliced lemons steeped in warm water.

2. Eat your greens
The colour green is deeply associated with spring and the liver. Eat young leafy greens and fresh seasonal vegetables as they start to make an appearance. These will go directly to the liver and gallbladder to aid in cleansing your system and encourage the movement of the qi.

3. Get moving
The changing seasons have a big effect on us physically and emotionally and it is best not to shock the body with intense exercise. Emerge from winter’s hibernation with gentle exercises such as yoga or pilates or connect the body and mind with the new season through long walks in nature. 


4. Burn our Chun Tian Candle
This gently joyful scent is the perfect way to usher in a season of new beginnings. Grounded by a base of cedarwood, fragrant jasmine, neroli 
and bergamot unfold into herbal coriander and bay leaf. A chance to look ahead, reset, and begin again.