Spring 春天 has arrived

Our latest candle is named after one of our favourite seasons, Spring 春天. It is the time when trees and plants start to sprout and the skies appear brighter. It is the time for cleansing, movement and renewal.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), to encourage good health, it is important for us to live in harmony with the environment and to adapt to the seasons to prevent imbalance of the elements inside of us.

Spring is the time for renewal and growth. When energy moves from darkness to light, Yin to Yang. A chance to look ahead and make new plans, re-adjust and begin again. According to TCM beliefs, the element wood and the colour green is associated with Spring.

The wood element refers to trees, plants and the human body. The colour green refers to the new growth of plants and leaves that start to appear in nature. Spring is all about looking after your liver and gall bladder. It’s important, during this time, to eat leafy green foods as this helps balance and detoxify these organs.

Inspired by the season and these TCM beliefs, we created a new candle, 春天 (Chun Tian). With floral notes of jasmine and neroli to represent the new blossoms appearing. Combined with green notes of coriander and balanced with a woody base of cedarwood.