Sustainably Packaged Candles

At homework, we aspire to be as sustainable as possible. That's why we hand pour each of our candles into metal tins in our SE London studio. Our tins are sourced from a London based manufacturer who uses solar power to produce them.


Why metal tins?

Metal is permanent, it cannot be consumed, lost or destroyed. Whenever metal is recycled there is no loss of material or performance, so it can be infinitely recycled. Every time metal flows through its closed recycling loop, it becomes more carbon efficient, its value will be retained forever and will always be available for future generations.

Metal is also much lighter to transport than glass, which in turn reduces its carbon footprint even further.


What to do with your tins when they are finished?

When your candle is finished, simply remove the wick and any remaining wax before placing in the recycling bin. Instead of recycling, you can always re-purpose the tin into a pen or even a plant pot.

Alternatively, we would love for you to return the tin to us so that we are able to reuse it again and again. When we open our studio space at Design District, we will be offering 10% off when you bring back a tin to us.

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