• Ceramic Essential Oil Burner
  • Ceramic Essential Oil Burner
  • Ceramic Essential Oil Burner

Sam Marks Ceramics

Ceramic Essential Oil Burner

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Created by ceramicist Sam Marks based in Falmouth, Cornwall. Sam’s work is influenced by nature and the environmental elements of the British coastline and has a strong focus on function and form, which informs a simple aesthetic.

These oil burners are a blend of stoneware and terracotta clays. The exterior surface is unglazed for tactility, and the interior of the bowl is finished with a transparent glaze.

A reworking of a classic essential oil vaporiser. Designed in three sections for ease of lighting the candle and topping up water levels. Simply fill the bowl with fresh water, add your favourite essential oil blend and light the candle beneath.

Dishwasher and microwave safe yet hand washing for extra care is recommended. All products are handmade and so each holds subtle differences which are a reminder of their uniqueness.

Approx. D9cm x H8.5cm