Find balance with our Yin Yang candle gift set. Made in collaboration with Joanna Ellner.

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Harmony of Humanity and Nature.

Natural, purpose-driven skincare and innocuous home fragrances, inspired by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the healing power of nature. Living in harmony with the planet, using high quality natural botanical ingredients, with minimalist packaging.

  1. Shinrin-yoku: Forest Bathing in Valle De Bravo

    The forest has long been thought of as a place of healing by many ancient cultures. In more recent years, shinrin-yoku or forest bathing was intro...
  2. 4 ways to revitalise your spring routine

    In Chinese Medicine, each season has its own set of natural attributes, each of which uniquely affect the way our bodies respond to their surroundi...
  3. Artisans of Oaxaca

    One of the many highlights of our trip to Mexico was visiting some of the small villages that surround Oaxaca City. Most of the villages specialise...

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