Charlotte Perriand: The Modern Life

by Stephanie Hannington-Suen

Looking for something to do this weekend in London. Check out the Charlotte Perriand exhibition at the Design Museum before it closes this Sunday, 5th September.

Charlotte Perriand is one of the most influential designers of the modernist movement. Introducing the machine like aesthetic to furniture and interiors through the use of steel aluminium and glass while working with Le Corbusier.

As you enter the exhibition, you are greeted with the steel tubular furniture. It was incredible to see timeless design at it’s best and that the chairs are still as iconic as they were back in the 1920s.



“A house is a machine for living in” - Le Corbusier.

This minimalistic and functional concept could be seen throughout the exhibition and especially in the design of the industrial kitchen counters as shown below.



As you continue into the exhibtion, you see how Perriand’s inspiration grows from industrialism and is combined with nature and the use of organic materials/forms such as wood, leather, rocks and fossils.

This combination of industrial and natural materials really resonates with us here at homework. Her approach to design is something that we found truly inspiring and will definitely be taking inspiration from for the design of our new workshop at Design District.